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Postgraduate Admission

To be considered for a University of Canada West Postgraduate program, the following admission requirements must be met:

Admission Requirements for Postraduate Degrees

English language requirements:

If the applicant attended a university in which the official language of instruction is English, then the applicant must provide a certified letter from the school indicating that English is the official language of instruction. Alternatively, if the applicant attended a high school where English is the official language of instruction and achieved a 65% in English 12, then the applicant may provide an official copy of his/her transcripts and a certified letter from the school indicating that English is the official language of instruction.
For applicants who attended a high school or university where English is NOT the official language of instruction, students may satisfy the English language requirement through achievement of the minimum score on one of the following:

* NOTE: All post-secondary credits may be considered for transfer credits into UCAN programs (CDN $50.00 per successfully waived course).

If the applicant is unable to meet the English language requirement listed above, University Canada West offers an English Academic program (EAP). EAP is an academic language bridging program that provides the student with the skills and confidence in English to ensure successful studies at University Canada West. For more information on EAP click here.

Documents Required for a Conditional Letter of Acceptance into Postgraduate Degrees

* NOTE: Where transcripts are in a language other than English, the applicant must provide an English translation of the original transcripts from a certified translator or from the university, on official school letterhead.

Requirements for Full Acceptance into Graduate Degrees

* NOTE: All transcripts must either be directly sent from university or delivered in a sealed school envelope
Off-Campus Work Permit Program