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At concordia northwest University we want to keep in touch with our alumni to hear their success stories about where they are now and how they got there. Our alumni have achieved academic success by completing post-secondary education and some have even had to overcome major obstacles to finish their degree. CNOU is proud to have been a part of their success and we look forward to playing a part in their future career goals.

Alumni are encouraged to keep in contact with each other. With graduates living and working in every part of the world, our Cnou alumni are a great resource for online and face-to-face networking. CNOU alumni are also welcome to participate in any events or activities hosted by the University. We are committed to maintaining a strong relationship with our alumni and will continue to pursue opportunities that benefit them.

If you are an alumnus of Concordia Northwest University and would like to receive communications from CNOU, please contact the Student Services Office. If you are a prospective or current student and would like to find out more about our alumni services or would like to hear more about Cnou from an alumnus perspective, please contact the Student Services Office.