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Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment Recognition Process

As a student enrolled at Concordia Northwest University, a prior learning assessment may help you to complete your degree faster and save time and money as well.

The CNOU Prior Learning Assessment Recognition process examines learning and training taken outside of a traditional university classroom and determines if it is equivalent to the curriculum in your program and eligible for credit.

Training that May Be Eligible for Prior Learning Assessments

The Prior Learning Assessment process is an excellent tool that may grant you credit for training taken outside traditional university setting. The following are types of learning and training that may be eligible for Prior Learning Assessment Recognition:

Professional Training

Corporate training – Any training that you have taken through your employer, as long as it is relevant to your program, is eligible for review under the Prior Learning Assessment Recognition process.
Certificates and Licenses – Training you received in order to obtain a specific certification or license
Courses taken through non-traditional learning formats

For more information about how the Prior Learning Assessment Recognition process can help you, speak with your Admissions Representative.

Study Skills

Counselors can help you to match thepost-secondary distance education with your needs and obligations, develop study skills, and master exam anxiety. CNOU is here to help students balance their studies, family, and employment obligations.