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Learning Goals

At Concordia Northwest University we value and appreciate the lessons learned outside the classroom just as much as those learned within the classroom. Our students and faculty strive to achieve learning goals which are not only essential for the future workplace, but are also beneficial as life learning lessons.


Graduates will learn the power of self-motivation and positive thinking. At CNOU, we believe that successful students will be those who are motivated to achieve personal as well as academic goals, pursue or create opportunities, and participate in curricular activities or hobbies. Graduates who maintain a positive and strong attitude through their academic years will find greater success inside and outside of the classroom.


CNOU graduates will practice, understood, and appreciated the value of professionalism, a personal trait which shows maturity, confidence, and brings lifelong benefits. They will utilize the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom to demonstrate a professional, ethical, and disciplined behavior in the workplace.