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Lifelong Learning

Learning Support Success

Concordia Northwest University’s Learning Support system addresses factors with programs and activities to help students to succeed in their studies and beyond. Learning Support programs are offered to both on-campus and on-line students.

Skill Development

At CNOU, we encourage our students to develop new learning skills or seek to strengthen existing ones.That will help them to improve their academic career. Skill development in time management, exam preparation, and effective note-taking are lessons that student can take into the workforce. Undergraduate, graduate, and MBA students are all encouraged to meet with a skills development advisor as many times as necessary for them

Advising & Counseling

Academic advisors are intended to assist you with making the right choices in your academic career. Visit an advisor for advice on topics such as which program streams are offered, which classes best suit your future career goals, and which career preparation opportunities are available to you. To find an advisor contact the Dean’s Office of your faculty. Student Services can also help you access personal counseling services in the campus area through friendly community agencies.

Small Class Sizes

At CNOU we strongly support the interaction and communication between students, classmates and their professors. That’s why we ensure that our class sizes are not taking more than fifty students per class. A small class size gives an opportunity to ask questions and extra time and attention from professor and also provides you a chance to meet fellow class members in a comfortable environment.

Learning Coaches & Program Assistants

As a student at CNOU, you will have the support of an experienced Learning Coach in every class. Learning Coaches are there to give student guidance on how to prepare for exams, assist you and provide understanding of a coursework, help in developing time management and organization skills, and provide feedback on your studies as well as on how to improve your study habits. In addition, full-time Program Assistants are available to help with any technical or logistical issues you may face.