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Faculty of Art & Business

Faculty of Art & Busines is a high demand degree which is valued by employers. The academic program provides students with more than a vocational degree with technical business skills. It develops analytical and decision-making skills to prepare students for future leadership roles. It is a flexible business…. Readmore

Faculty of Engineering

Our Engineering school provides a strong background in mathematics and physics as well as practical experience the design and operation of electrical, electronic and software systems. The academic program embraces telecommunications, control systems, antenna design, signal processing, microprocessors…. Readmore

Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism

In our course you will learn everything about the hospitality industry around the world: From how to operate and run a successful restaurant to organising events, from promoting tourism destinations to planning research projects. As essential economy subjects like marketing and finance are covered, the BA…. Readmore

Faculty of Information Technology

Information Technology caters for people with specific interests in computer science/information technology. It has a core of compulsory computer science courses and a wide range of elective courses including mathematics and statistics as well as commerce, design studies, economics, engineering, finance, humanities…. Readmore

MBA Programs

There are many programs that can offer you an MBA degree. At CNOU, we deliver a high-quality MBA experience that is focused on preparing men and women for success now and in the future. The CNOU MBA program is dedicated to creating the diversified professional. Our graduates have learned to…. Readmore

DBA Programs

View our courses…. Readmore

PhD Programs

View our courses…. Readmore

Postgraduate Programs

This Masters program fills a clear gap in the educational and training needs of the management industry. It is primarily aimed at management professionals (for example, Construction or Shipping) who are currently working in, or who hope to work in, the management of the industry (e.g. with operator companies…. Readmore