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Student Experience

Concordia Northwest University is committed to offering the best possible student experience. Whether you are enrolled in an online program, we want to give you the resources and support to guide you through your academic career. Being a student at Cnou is not just about.. Readmore

Career Opportunities

Specializing in distance and on-line education, Athabasca University offers university education to approximately 7,200 students per year. CONCORDIA NORTHWEST University is dedicated to the removal of barriers that restrict access to, and success in, university studies and to increasing equality of education.. Readmore

About CNOU Online

Our CNOU Online community offers a wide range of opportunities, from flexible scheduling and easy access to real-time interaction on advanced Internet technology. Each student is treated as if they were attending class in person; professors and instructors are available for office hours and quickly respond to online.. Readmore

Critical Thinking

Graduates will have learned how to think reasonably, responsibly, and reflectively. They will be prepared to make critical decisions after efficiently and accurately processing information. Upon graduation they will have understood the importance of continuing to improve their problem solving skills and practicing.. Readmore

Distance Education

Distance education is different from conventional classroom-based education in that it allows you as a student to complete courses and programs without attending scheduled group classes in a central location, such as a university campus. As an CNOU distance education student, you can.. Readmore

Finish Faster Award

Concordia Northwest University wants to help our students stay on track with their educational goals. Most students start out with good intentions to complete their programs on time, but it’s easy to get side-tracked along the way. Between August 1, 2004 and October 31, 2004, we are offering qualified students an.. Readmore